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Letter Landers for Kindle
Slingo for Kindle
KenKen® for Kindle

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KenKen® Vol. 1 Presented by Will Shortz for Kindle

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* How To Play
  1. Fill in each square of the grid with one number.
  2. The numbers used to fill the squares may be 1 through the number of the grid size. In a 3x3 puzzle, use the numbers 1-3; in a 4x4 puzzle, use the numbers 1-4; and so on.
  3. Do not repeat numbers in any row or column.
  4. Each heavily outlined set of squares is called a "cage." The numbers in each cage must combine (in any order) to produce the target number indicated in the top corner by using the mathematical operation next to the target number.
  5. A number may be repeated within a cage as long as it is not in the same row or column.

* Controls
To enter numbers in the puzzle, use the 5-way to move the cursor to the target square and press a number key from the on-screen legend (keyboard numbers will also function):

To toggle between placing answers or notes in a square, press the center button on the 5-way (or press "N"). The cursor will change based on which entry mode is active.

To clear a square of all answers or notes, move the cursor to that square and press the "DEL" key.

* Advanced Controls
"Negative" notes (numbers that are certain not to be in a square) can also be used to help solve puzzles. To place a negative note, hold the SHIFT key and press the desired number. Negative notes are indicated with a "slash":

Note that squares can contain both positive and negative notes.

To copy and paste notes from one square to another, move the cursor to the "copy" square and press RETURN. Then, move the cursor to the "paste" square and press SPACE.

* Using Hints
There are 2 types of hints that can be used for any puzzle.

  1. REVEAL: Press the "L" key at any time to reveal an answer in a random empty square on the puzzle.
  2. CHECK: Press the "K" key at any time to check all the answers in the puzzle. Any incorrect answers will be marked with an X.

To earn a star for a puzzle, use 0 hints. During play, a star icon will be displayed in the upper right corner of the puzzle as long as no hints are used.

* General
Press the MENU button to access additional options for the game:

  1. CLEAR PUZZLE: Remove all answers and notes in the current puzzle.
  2. RESET DATA: This will erase all saved games and puzzles.

Letter Landers for Kindle


* Starting a Game
To start a game, select PLAY from the main menu.

* Choosing a Skill Level
On the level select screen, use the 5-way controller to choose a level:

EASY - 12 Tiles
MED - 16 Tiles
HARD - 20 Tiles

* Playing the Game
Use the 5-way to move the cursor. Press the 5-way to flip a tile. Flip pairs of tiles at a time. Match pairs of pictures to clear the board. (Alternate Controls: Use the Next Page/Previous Page buttons to move the cursor, space bar to select a tile)

For added fun, see if you can guess the secret word from the letters used in the puzzle. After the board is cleared, beam down the Aliens to reveal the word.

Try to complete the puzzle quickly! Fastest times are saved on the scoreboard. Total games won is displayed on the main menu.

* Reset Data
To reset best game times and win count, press the Menu button and select "reset stats". To turn tips back on, press the Menu button and select "reset tips".

* Letter Book
To open the book, select LETTER BOOK from the main menu. Read and learn all about your favorite letter aliens!

Use the 5-Way or Next Page/Previous Page buttons to turn pages. Pressing a letter key on the keyboard will go directly to that letter page.

Slingo for Kindle


The objective of Slingo is to accumulate the highest number of points by trying to cover all the numbers on your game card in 20 spins or less.

* Playing Slingo
At the start of Slingo, you are given a game card with 25 numbers (five columns of five numbers). Under the numbers are five wheels corresponding to each of the five columns of numbers.

* Taking Spins
When the spin button flashes, select to spin the reels. Each spin you take produces random numbers and game icons in the five wheels.

* Making Matches
Match the numbers and Jokers that appear in the wheels, with the numbers in the columns above.

* Earning Slingos!
Match any 5 cells in a row to get a Slingo! Slingos can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Earn bonus points for multiple Slingos in a single spin.

*Special Reel Icons:
When playing Slingo, you might come across these special reel features: